All Hail the Giant Pumpkin!

On August 5, 2015, my pumpkin patch got hit with an awful hail storm. It put holes in every leaf and completely decimated the plant. Dale was setting up his new GoPro when the storm hit, so not only did he make a valiant effort to save the pumpkin, but he also got it on video! You can even listen to the heartbreaking phone call at the end.

Below are some photos of the aftermath:

You can see how the hail destroyed all my leaves and put holes in everything! It smelled like a salad out there.
This is what my other pumpkin plant looked like. The hail destroyed everything.
The hail left craters in my pumpkin!
This is a photo I took when I got home, which was over an hour after the hail storm hit. This was no joke!