About Us

Welcome to Green Adrenaline! Our names are Sarah and Dale, and we have created this website as a way to share our exciting life and encourage our readers to adopt a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. We are always busy, always moving, and always up to something new. Hungry? Check out our healthy recipes. Feeling adventurous? Read about our travels and escapades. Want something that will make you smile? Read about Sarah's giant pumpkins! Use the navigation bar above to explore our site, and read below to learn more about us, our struggles, our achievements, and the lessons we've learned along the way.

Sarah Whitty


Sarah is here to share her passions about hiking, eating healthy, traveling, and growing giant pumpkins. She has always enjoyed staying active, but her lifestyle took a serious turn when she developed ulcerative colitis in her early 20's. This disease has crippled and challenged her, but it has also transformed her into a healthier and more compassionate person. Sarah works as a Physician Assistant in a family practice and has a big interest in holistic medicine. She also has a degree in Microbiology from the University of New Hampshire, and she spent a semester in Chico, California so she could explore the west coast. If she's not in the pumpkin patch, Sarah is usually out in the mountains or on the river. She has climbed two of the Seven Summits (Kilimanjaro and Elbrus) and loves to travel. She lives in Veazie, Maine, with her life partner Dale.


Dale was born and raised in Maine, and he lives with Sarah in the little town of Veazie. He served in the Navy when he was younger and has traveled all over the world because of it. Dale has practiced martial arts his entire life and is a UFC veteran. He no longer fights, but he is a coach at Young's MMA and has devoted his life to helping others. His biggest goals with his students are to make them survivors, live sustainably, and be happy. Dale loves to learn, and you will often find him listening to NPR and audio books. He is a student at the University of Maine and is working towards getting his MBA. In his free time, Dale is either paddling or taking his students on some sort of athletic endeavor, death march, or midnight adventure.

Dale Hartt

I love peas!

Our Diet

Dale and Sarah are vegetarians. We follow a strict diet with no white flour or sugar, no dairy, and no processed foods. Sarah's ulcerative colitis has shaped a lot of what we eat, and her stomach is so sensitive that it tells us pretty quickly what is good and what is bad (bad things for Sarah include alcohol, popcorn, raw veggies, processed foods, sugar, and products containing carrageenan). We don't follow any specific kind of diet, but we are probably closest to a Paleo diet (minus the meat). We try to eat organic and local foods as much as possible, and we have a garden in the summer. Since our diet is so strict, we often have to make our own meals. All the recipes on this site are recipes that Sarah's stomach can tolerate. It may not be an all-inclusive list of meals, but you can be sure that these recipes are worth trying if you are suffering from a chronic disease.

Our Future

Dale and Sarah are all about living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it. We love our life right now, but we also have our dreams. One day we would love to build our own Earthship and be completely self-sustainable. Both of us grew up with horses, and we would love to have lots of land to start our animal family (horses and dogs are the top on our list!). At some point we would also love to pack up and travel around the world, ideally in a sailboat so we can stay carbon neutral. Who knows where life will take us, but there's no doubt it will be an adventure!

A romantic kiss on the cliffs of Acadia National Park.